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Longer Struts For Your Geo Tracker – Suzuki Sidekick ...

Longer Struts For Your Geo Tracker – Suzuki Sidekick Looking for a longer strut for a 2-inch lift instead of a strut spacer? These GM vehicles use the same rear struts: ... so they'll fit with a 2-inch lift, the extended length is 3.28 inches (3-1/4″) longer than stock, and they offer 1.6 inches more travel.

Largest tire on Tracker/Kick - Off-Road Forums ...

Oct 09, 2001· Do NOT put 235s on a stock Tracker/Sidekick (non-SPORT model). You are guaranteeed to get rubbing and will shred them offroad. Some folks may do it, but the rule of thumb is that you need to have at least 1" of lift to get on top of 235s and preferably 1.5".

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May 25, 2014· The lift kit comes with new springs and struts, but you do pay for it all. If you are looking at an economical 2" lift for 30's with a comfortable ride simply swap in a set of the coils from a 4-door 1999 - 2005 Suzuki Vitara or Chevy Tracker with the 2.0 liter motor then do the strut mount flip in the front (allows for more wheel travel).

Suzuki Samurai Lift Kit - YouTube

The "Zuke" gets a little lift! This video shows the nstallation of a previously enjoyed Calmini 5" lift kit and high steer on a 1987 Suzuki Samurai, by a ho...

What size tires for Suzuki Sidekick? : 4x4

I have a 97 sidekick sport with 2.5" suspension and 2" body lift and I'm running 32" tires. If you're just doing a 2" suspension lift you could fit 30" but you might need to do some minor trimming to the bumpers/fenders to help any rubbing issues. Also I didn't notice any …

Tracker Lift: Sidekick, Vitara, XL7, X90, Tracker Lift Kit

2.5" Sidekick/Tracker Premium Lift kits Contains all the suspension components of our best-selling Rock Steady lift, just remove the body lift from the package. This is pure lift, no drop brackets, no unnecessary arms or other things to goof up your vehicle's handling, no reduction of clearance as with other lift …

KSP-2BLKV 99-04 Suzuki Sidekick 2' Budget Lift kit

• 2-Vice Grip Pliers • Brake Fluid, DOT 3 CAUTION: Safety glasses should be worn at all times when working with vehicles and related tools and equipment. Camber Alignment Bolts Rear Shock Absorbers 99-04 Suzuki Sidekick 2 Inch Budget Lift Kit Also fits 99-04 Tracker, Vitara, Grand Vitara or XL-7 Instructions Include: !

Tracker 2" rear lift = binding?

Dec 04, 2010· Also, is a driveshaft spacer a good or bad idea with only 2" of lift? Thanks. Rocky Road Driveshaft extensions for your Suzuki Sidekick, Vitara & Geo Tracker: Lifting your vehicle extends the drivelines. Problem is, they only extend so far before you run out of spline, and the thing pulls apart.

Low Range HD 2 Inch Body Lift Kit (Sidekick, GV, Vitara ...

This is a 2" body lift kit for the Sidekick, Tracker, X90, Vitara, and GV. What makes our kit different than the rest is:-We run a full 3" O.D. Solid UHMW spacers. Other kits run a 2" O.D. Going with a 3" Material covers more surface area, giving the body more support.

Suzuki Sidekick – Geo Tracker Shock Options – Zuki Offroad

Have you done a 2-inch lift on your Geo Tracker / Suzuki Sidekick and need longer shocks? If you look at the stock Monroe shocks below, you'll see that they are from 11-1/2″ to 12-1/4″ compressed, and 18-1/4″ extended with 6-1/8″ to 6-3/4″ of travel.

Lift + Tires = ??? | Suzuki Sidekick Enthusiasts

Apr 02, 2013· Ive got a 96 2 door that I am gonna be putting a lift on here soon, I was thinking about the calmini 3 inch kit, with a 1.5 inch spacer on top. That would give me about 4.5 inches of total lift. the only thing that Im not sure about yet is what size tire I can run under it.

max tire size with 2" lift and rims fitment

Feb 10, 2012· (FOR SALE, drop me a line) '01 Vitara 2.0, 2" suspension lift, 2" body lift, 31x10.5x15 Interco TRXUS MT's on ford truck turbine rims, 1" wheel spacers, manual hubs, 5125 gears (Sidekick rear and GV steel front). DD/bushmobile "Snowflake" '06 Impreza - Wife's ride and road tripper

largest tire size for stock sidekick? - Everything Suzuki

May 08, 2005· I will need new tires before I can work on a lift kit.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the largest tire I could use without a lift kit?  It is a 95 4-door sidekick.  the door sticker says 205 75 15 is what is stock, but it has nicer wheels, and 215 75 15 on it now. ÂÂ

Lift Kits & Parts for Suzuki Sidekick for sale | eBay

Get the best deals on Lift Kits & Parts for Suzuki Sidekick when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Free shipping on many items ... For Suzuki Sidekick Geo Tracker 2" Inch Complete Body Lift Kit 2WD 4WD (Fits: Suzuki Sidekick…

Lift? | Suzuki Sidekick Enthusiasts

Mar 31, 2005· Suzuki Sidekick Enthusiasts. Sidekicks Off Road. Lift? General. Welcome Sidekick Enthusiasts ... I did my lift in 2 days I did a 10 cm lift and the only problem is the stearing you have to lbuild a bracket caus it becomes to short and the hose to the gas tank becomes to short and you have to mod the gear changer ... it already had a 1,5 inch ...

Installing Calmini's 2 Inch Suspension Kit For The Sidekick

ON HIGHER GROUND. Installing Calmini's 2 Inch Suspension Kit For The Sidekick. Editor: Eric Bewley Story/Photo: Corey Kychik. TOPEKA, KS -The first time I took my 97 Tracker out wheeling, I was piloting my trusty Tracker over a breaking ledge and my cross member met up with the rocks in a most unfavorable fashion.

Fits Geo Tracker and Suzuki Sidekick 2" Front 2 ...

Feb 14, 2017· Supreme Suspensions - Geo Tracker and Suzuki Sidekick Lift Kit 2" Front + 2" Rear Suspension Lift CNC Machined High-Crystalline Delrin Spacers 4x2 4x4 (Black) PRO 4.9 out of 5 stars 21. CDN$176.11. Heavy Metal Suspensions - Geo Tracker (2WD 4WD) 2" Front Lift + 2" Rear Spacers High Strength Lift Kit

Easiest way to put 29in tires on Tracker/Sidekick ...

A complete lift is almost $1,000 when I want to stay cheap. A 2 inch spacer lift will need longer shocks in the rear and new camber alignment bolts, not only that but it would put a lot of stress and wear our the CV joints as well as mess up the geometry of the drive shaft.

Suzuki Sidekick | Geo Tracker | Escudo Suspension Lift Kits

89-98 Geo/Chevrolet Tracker | Suzuki Sidekick Basic 2 inch Budget Lift Kit-KSP-BBLK. 2 Review(s) | Add Your Review *You must be a registered customer to leave a review. Register or login here. View Product Page. $139.00. Learn More. Low Range HD 1 Inch Body Lift Kit (Sidekick…

Tracker Lift: Suzuki Sidekick, Vitara, XL7 & Tracker Lift Kits

Choosing a Sidekick or Tracker lift may be intimidating or confusing for some. There are options out there, prices, lift heights, gimmicks. If you have any questions at all about not only our lifts, but just lifting your Suzuki or Tracker in general, PLEASE feel free to call or email us.

89-98 Geo Tracker / Suzuki Sidekick 2" Front & Rear ...

Suzuki Sidekick Features: CNC machined from 6061 Billet aluminum MADE IN THE USA satisfaction guarantee and a life time warranty This lift kit will raise the front and rear of your Tracker or Suzuki Sidekick by a true 2". The spacers …

Suzuki | Supreme Suspensions®

Suzuki had developed a reputation for building some of the most capable small 4x4's out there and the earlier models have been developing quite a following on the collector market lately. When developing our Suzuki lift kits, we were committed to building products …