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Sure you can lift more from the ground than from the shoulder but the one second stipulation is what throws it. so I pressed 45lbs overhead from my shoulder in a second, But I don't think I could clean AND press the same weight in the same time. let alone a more basic pick-up-rock-then-lift-above-head-like-monkey-ancestor.

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For a basic melee weapon, the difficulty of the ST roll is equal to -1 x (ST required to lift as 1xBL) and the basic damage is (HP for that ST) -- i.e. a 2 lb weapon requires rolling ST+0 and has basic damage 3, a 3 lb weapon requires rolling ST-2 and has basic damage 4, a 5 lb weapon requires rolling ST-4 and has basic damage 5.

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Create tables, formatted to look similar to those found in the GURPS rule books. All items from currently loaded libraries will be included. These links open in a new browser window. These reports will be generated using this ruleset:

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SPEED/RANGE TABLE For complete table, see p. 550. Speed/ Linear Range Measurement Modifier (range/speed) 0 2 yd or less-1 3 yd-2 5 yd-3 7 yd-4 10 yd-5 15 yd-6 20 yd-7 30 yd-8 50 yd-9 70 yd-10 100 yd-11 150 yd-12 200 yd-13 300 yd-14 500 yd-15 700 yd HIT LOCATION Modifier Location 0 Torso-2 Arm/Leg-3 Groin-4 Hand-5 Face-7 Skull Imp or Pi attacks can

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In GURPS right now, a 1d pi attack might have a KE of X. That same projectile that does 2d damage has KE of 4x. For your table, ST10 is 1d, ST20 is 2d, ST40 is 4d. The Basic Lift goes up as 1, 4, 16. Just like the KE of a projectile weapon.

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For instance, if your Basic Speed is 5.25, your Dodge is 8. Basic Move starts out equal to Basic Speed, less any fractions; e.g., Basic Speed 5.75 gives Basic Move 5. Basic lift is how much weight you can put over your head in 1 sec with one arm. Basic Lift

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When the GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition was released, we also released GURPS Update, a conversion guide so that ... in the Damage Table(p. B16). Basic Lift This new characteristic is equal to ST¥ST/5 lbs. If you have extra Lifting ST, add it to your ST before doing this calculation.

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Cost: 3 points per +1 ST Lifting ST is an exotic physical advantage It adds to Basic Lift for the purposes of carrying, lifting, pushing, and pulling. It does not effect HP. 1 Disclaimers 2 Special Enhancements 3 Alternatives 4 quotes 4.1 PK 5 References B66 reminds of 2 critical ones: Lifting ST does not boost ST for the purpose of deter mining HP, throwing distance, or damage inflicted by ...

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GURPS Critical Hit Table. In GURPS, when your characters are involved in combat, a critical success is a really good result from your skill roll.In general terms, a roll of 10 under your skill is a critical success, although a 6 is the highest number you can score a critical on.

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Sep 11, 2012· Lift and Gain Charts are a useful way of visualizing how good a predictive model is. In SPSS, a typical gain chart appears as follows: In today's post, we will attempt to understand the logic behind generating a gain chart and then discuss how gain and lift charts are interpreted.

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This is all out of GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns, p. . Basic damage is the result of your damage roll. Penetrating damage is your basic damage minus any DR that applies to that attack. Injury is penetrating damage after you apply any wounding modifiers. Got that? Here are a couple examples:

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Apr 26, 2012· GURPS Thursday, April 26, 2012. Damage Table Damage Table ST Thrust Swing ST Thrust Swing 1 1d-6 1d-5 27 3d-1 5d+1 2 1d-6 1d-5 28 3d-1 5d+1 3 1d-5 1d-4 29 3d 5d+2 4 1d-5 1d-4 30 3d 5d+2 5 1d-4 1d-3 31 3d+1 6d-1 6 1d-4 1d-3 32 3d+1 6d-1 7 …

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This page has all of your basic attributes and secondary characteristics, encumbrance bands, and a reference for how much weight you can manipulate according to Basic Lift.The HP and FP gauges from the first page are still there, in fact, this app is using a kind of ajax to present information so you aren't actually leaving the page when new information is being displayed, so it is technically ...

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Sep 17, 2015· Whatever scaling I decide to use, the results should make sense based on normal GURPS results. Moving around something less than your basic lift should be easy. More than 8-10xBL should be hard. 15xBL (carry on back) More than 50x Basic Lift (the 'shift slightly' limit, p. B353) should be impossible or close to it.

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Dec 12, 2013· GURPS Fantasy however doesn't have that assumption. It is much wider in scope, and aims to assist the GM in creating ANY type of fantasy-flavoured campaign, rather only OTT hack and slash. Many of the templates in Fantasy will have the basic GURPS 4e "default" of 150 points in mind.

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Dec 20, 2020· Welcome to MyGURPS, a website which started off as a resource page for GURPS, but has since expanded to cover a wide variety of RPGs and even board games!. Herein you'll find a wide variety of gaming treasures: house rules, forms and handouts, ready-to-use abilities and characters, indices and lists, and so much more.

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Sep 08, 2016· GURPS, of course, is one of those RPGs ... If you're using the more detailed Basic Lift Rules and designing a civilian suit you're going to have to figuring a separate Basic Lift for the suits Striking ST bonus. ... For this system you will need the coverage table from either pg. 18 of Pyramid 3/85 Cutting Edge or pg. 16 of Pyramid 3/52 Low ...

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Lifts"(standard) "Lift Plan" is an inclusive term for risk assessments, method statements and supporting information, such as a schedule of lifts, drawings and photographs. Leans towards a more definitive requirement for Appointed Person attendance on Complex Lifts. Increase to derating tandem lifting operations from 25% to at least 30%

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Basic Lift/Speed/Move, Base Damage Thrust/Swing, and weight. It will adjust them based upon changes in your stats and Possessions. Encumbrance, Move, and Dodge will auto-calculate. Parry and Block can auto-calculate, but the sheet must be used correctly. Abilities like: (based on GURPS formulas): Digging. Holding Breath. Jumping. Lifting ...

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The GURPS rules have some generous formulas for determining Jumping distance.Here are some ones that are more realistic. Standing Broad Jump: Move (in feet) Running Broad Jump: Move (in yards) Standing Vertical Jump: Move x 5" Running Vertical Jump: Move x 6" To get the benefits of a running jump, a character must move 5 yards in a straight line before initiating the jump.

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Going further, 12 "steps" of (ST + Lifting ST) multiplies Basic Lift by 10,000, and 18 "steps" multiplies it by 1,000,000. To demonstrate how quickly this adds up: A modest 24 "steps" – as cheap as [360] if bought entirely as Lifting ST – multiplies ST by 10,000 for Basic Lift purposes – which multiplies Basic Lift by 100,000,000.

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GURPS Lite is a 32-page distillation of the basic GURPS rules. It covers the essentials of character creation, combat, success rolls, adventuring, and game mastering for GURPS Fourth Edition. The purpose of GURPS Lite is to help GMs bring new players into the game, without frightening them with the full GURPS Basic Set and a.

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Basic Lift (BL) is the maximum weight you can lift over your head with one hand in one second and is equal to (STxST)/5 lbs. In conjunction with Encumbrance it determines Basic Move . Some (but not all) aspects of it can be modified by Lifting ST .

ST Conversion Chart for GURPS 4th Edition

ST Conversion Chart for GURPS 4th Edition 3e ST 4e ST Weight Range swing thrust 3e ST 4e ST Weight Range swing thrust 3e ST 4e ST Weight Range swing thrust 0.1 - 0.2 1 0 lb. - 1.0 lb. 1d-6 1d-5 498 - 511 71 21.5 ton - 23.3 ton 8d 10d 1,975 - 2,002 141 172 ton - 178 ton 15d 17d