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Topping lift for a sailing boat - this is our rope advice

Topping lift - we recommend a durable double braided polyester rope as topping lift. If you like, we can make an eye-splice. Free shipping to over 20 countries.

1/4" vs 3/8" topping lift line | Catalina 36/375 ...

May 14, 2010· I went to replace my topping lift line and was working off the dimension from the manual vs what turns out to be currently on the boat. Manual said 1/4 " and that is what I purchased but now see slitghly different size now that I am at the boat. Any opinions on going ahead with the nice new 1/4" or do I need the extra bit of line strength? —

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Nov 06, 2011· Mr Dave Hopper hanging a cool 360 from the topping lift on a 39' Bavaria.

Let Your Boom Off Its Leash with a Topping Lift – The ...

Jul 21, 2018· To use the topping lift, release the line from the fairlead cleat, haul or ease the line to adjust the boom to the desired height, and recleat the line. Leave plenty of slack in it when under sail so that it doesn't interfere with sail shape, particularly when trimming a boom vang.

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Mar 22, 2014· I'm working on making one myself, but in the meantime, I just used a topping lift line. Sep 12, 2013 #16 Jeremy Becker Camp Counsellor. should I oversize the boomkicker just to be sure? I have a keel version 14.2 and it sits on a mooring all week long. I like everything nice and tight to prevent wear and tear. Mar 22, 2014 ...

Sail Flaking System Owner's Manual Type A- Halyard Style ...

Boom Topping Lift - A topping lift which is fixed to the top of the mast. There is usually an adjusting line attached to the boom. If this is what you have, add a halyard topping lift (see page 4) or use the B or C system. Halyard Topping Lift -Topping lift runs over a sheave at the top of the mast. Can be a second or spare main hal-

Topping lift for 26M | Sailboat Owners Forums

May 05, 2013· The main, the jib halyard (not used with the CDI furler), the single line reefing, the lazy jack lines the topping lift and a second topping lift for the anchor sail all tie off to separate cleats on the mast. We use sta-set line and haven't noticed any stretch.

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TOPPING LIFT Cruising z31 z31 z14 z1 z1 z3 z3 z 1 Club Racing 31 31 14 14 1 1 1 3 FORE GUY Cruising z31 z31 z14 z3 z3 z3 z3 z 1 Club Racing 31 31 14 14 1 3 3 1 CHOOSING THE CORRECT LINE STEP #1 Choose application. STEP #2 Choose type of sailing. STEP #3 Select boat size. STEP #4 Match color code for the best selection and

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The topping lift (more rarely known as an uphaul) is a line which applies upward force on a boom on a sailboat.. Part of the running rigging, topping lifts are primarily used to hold a boom up when the sail is lowered. This line would run from near the free end of the boom(s) forward to the top of the mast. The line may be run over a block at the top of the mast and down to the deck to allow ...

Topping Lift Replacement | Catalina 36/375 International ...

Jun 26, 2007· I plan on replacing the continuous topping lift for my Dutchman system on my tall rig. It has seen its day and it is impossible to tell what was the original size line used. I would welcome recommendations as to the best make of rope, size and length overall. Thank you, —

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Jul 30, 2016· The topping lift doesn't really undergo much stress, and could be rigged with a very small and weak line. If something were to happen to the main halyard, it would be awfully nice to simply hook the topping lift to the head of the mainsail and raise the sail up to continue sailing onward.

Topping Lift Line Length - Catalina 42/425 Assoc

Sep 16, 2020· The manual states [p19] the topping lift top pennant is 3/16 wire, 49 feet long and is [affixed] to the top of the mast. I'm not replacing that. All adjustments are made using the topping lift tail which is 3/8 dacron line and which according to the manual is a whopping 67 feet long.

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Apr 08, 2004· I have a topping lift. The extra line is really no problem - I leave it connected all the time. The line goes from a pedeye hear the top of the mast to the padeye at the end of the boom where the outhaul block is attached. The line is fixed at the top of the mast (directly tied to the padeye) and is attached to the end of the boom via a clasp ...

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Daysailer Topping Lift Kit. KIT CONTAINS 1 DR908 Cheek Block w/Fasteners 1 3-1/4" CLEAT W/FASTENERS 50 FT 1/4" STA-SET WITH SHACKLE SPLICED ON Price: $86.00

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Feb 20, 2004· I would agree with you in many cases but I believe that the boat in question is a Hunter 26 which is probably a bad choice to use a topping lift to support the boom when sailing. I also somewhat disagree with the idea of using a rigid vang to support the boom instead of a topping lift on a boat this size.

Boom Topping Lift Question | Morgan 38 Sailboat Forum

Dec 03, 2018· Should I use wire for the topping lift, if so, what size, coated or not? Or should I use line, and if so what size? My plan is to have a small block at the end of the topping lift line about 2 feet from the boom, then run a line from that to boom end so I can adjust height. The boom is heavy so my concern is having a strong enough line to ...

Topping lift for a dinghy: this is our rope advice

There are no high demanding requirements for a topping lift. ... Control line This rope has a top quality high tenacity polyester core combined with a smoothy braided polyester cover. This rope will ensure excellent grip and makes it ideal for halyards/ sheets and control lines. Learn More. €0.55 €0.45.

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A topping lift may also refer to a line on the front of the mast used to rig the spinnaker pole. It is used to trim the pole to the proper height when hoisting the spinnaker. [citation needed] References Last edited on 16 November 2020, at 20:06. Content is ...

What is the appropriate rope construction for a topping lift?

Aug 26, 2019· Used 3 x stand and braid on braid. No big deal which type, there is nothing special about a topping lift, it just needs to be strong enough. My topping lift goes through the truck on the opposite side of the main halyard, it is braid on braid polyester, smaller diameter than the main halyard.

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Nov 11, 2002· If we used the halyard and the spinnaker to support the weight of the pole, the sail would rip. This is where the topping lift comes into play. At the very tip of the pole, there is a line running up, and a line running down. The one running down is simply called a downhaul because it hauls the pole down. The topping lift lifts the pole up.

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Feb 10, 2019· Tightening the topping lift provides more slack in the sail itself, making it easier to lower the sail part way and secure the reef. After raising or reefing the sail, however, it is necessary then to loosen the topping lift so that the weight of the boom pulls the sail tight.

Topping lift - what size? | Sailboat Owners Forums

May 10, 2014· My topping lift is 3/16" wire. It is fixed at the masthead and has a short line to the end of the boom to adjust the height. I would like to use the spare sheave at the masthead to run a spare halyard as a topping lift but my mast doesn't have a exit. I don't want to weaken the mast so I am reluctant to drill any more holes.

Topping Lift Lazyjack Function - YouTube

Jun 10, 2017· Showing the topping lift lines that double as lazyjacks on the Grumman gunter mainsail. The gunter evolved from the gaff rig and is handled in somewhat the s...

Lazy Jack & Topping Lift line - Gear Anarchy - Sailing ...

Nov 13, 2017· for Lazy Jacks I use a rather elastic line, not too thin. Works excellent. Lazy Jack lines hould just gather the sail, not carry any other load. Topping lift is another story, coated dyneema, probably 6 mm, maybe 8. Hardly use the topping lift but do not want it elastic - …