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where is the fluid tankfor a hydraulic lift gate

Field Attachable Type T for G1 Hose | Gates Corporation

When you need high-performance flexibility, you need Gates wire braid hydraulic hoses, couplings, and accessories. The one or two braid wire reinforcement technology gives this hose a high resistance to kinking, excellent tensile strength, and a tighter bend radius, ideal for high and medium pressure petroleum, water-based, and general industrial fluid conveyance.

Tommy Gate - The Original Hydraulic Lift

Tommy Gate, the original hydraulic lift, is a premier brand of private and commercial hydraulic liftgates. View all liftgate information, photos, video, and more.

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Tool-Tuff 25-Gallon Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Tank, Side Vertical-Mount, w/Temp Gauge, Sight-Gauge & Breather/Strainer Fill Cap. 3.1 out of 5 stars 2. $282.00 $ 282 ... Pump Double Acting 12 Quart Hydraulic Pump Electric Hydraulic Cylinder Pump with Brass Pressure Gauge for Dump Trailer Lift Gates & Trucker. 4.2 out of 5 stars 11. $279.99 $ 279 ...

Hydraulic Oil for Car & Truck Lifts | Derek Weaver Co.

Most Lift manufacturers will recommend a few different types of hydraulic oil that can be used in their lifts. We have listed those types below to help you choose the proper grade of oil for your 2-Post or 4-Post car lift, 4-Post Roller Jacks and Pro-Jacks, Mid-Rise or Low-Rise car lift, Motorcycle Lift and Transmission Jacks.

ANTHONY UPDATE How does a hydraulic liftgate system …

the motor which turns the pump forcing hydraulic fluid through the high pressure hose into the cylinder . The pressure inside the cylinder forces the piston out, which in turn raises the liftgate plat-form. When the control box switch is turned to the DOWN position, the lowering valve coil is activated, allowing fluid to flow from the cylinder ...


LIFT PORT Typical Location of Basic Parts: 1. Relief Valve 2. Port Outlets 2-A 3/8" Pipe - High Pressure 2-B 1/4" Pipe - High Pressure 2-C #6SAE O-Ring - High Pressure 2-D #4JIC 37º Flare - High Pressure 3. Suction Filter 4. Motor Start Solenoid Battery Post 5. Fill - Vent Plug 6. Check Valves 7. Port Filter Locations 8. Valves 8-A Lowering ...


The state-of-the-art Tommy Gate factory houses five di"erent assembly lines as well as developmental engineering and testing departments and is located on the same piece of ground where every Tommy Gate hydraulic lift has been produced for over 45 years. 14 …

Tips & Procedures - Tommy Gate - The Original Hydraulic Lift

Oct 17, 2017· Check the oil level in the reservoir. With the liftgate platform at the bottom of its travel, the fluid should be two-thirds full. BE SURE THE CYLINDER IS COMPLETELY COLLAPSED. Add Tommy Gate Winter Grade, ISO grade, 32 hydraulic, or Dexron III/Mercon ATF if needed. Check the inside of the box for excessive accumulation of dirt. Clean as necessary.

OWNER'S / OPERATOR'S MANUAL - The Original Hydraulic Lift

needed, call Tommy Gate Use only Tommy Gate Do not modify lift or its safety service parts installed by an WARNING Read operator's manual before operating equipment. Do not exceed the rated lift ... HYDRAULIC FLUID TANK CAPACITY gal 1.5 MOTOR RATED HORSEPOWER hp 2.1 MAX. RELIEF VALVE SETTING psi 2538 Figure 2: TKL Load Capacity 58 2500 40 (lbf ...

Adding Fluid to hydraulic tailgate | Mercedes-Benz Forum

Dec 30, 2007· 3. I pulled the pump outward and disconnected each hydraulic line. 4. The reservoir didn't show any signs of fluid but had fill marks. 5. Unable to remove the reservoir, I pull the motor from the pump housing (2 allen bolts) and added fluid through the opening using a large syringe. The hatch is now much less noisy.

Tommy Gate Hydraulic Lift Demonstration - Installed by ...

What is it that makes a Tommy Gate product so … useful? For one, the fact that they have never quit developing the brand. You see, if you looked at the first...

GMNA - - Hydraulic Fluid for Power Lift Gate ...

This specification covers a mineral hydraulic fluid that is used in a power lift gate system. Symbols. Not applicable. Applicability. Should not be used with systems that contain natural rubber. Remarks. This fluid is prefilled into the power lift gate prior to arrival at the assembly plant.

Thieman Tailgates - Hydraulic Lift Gate Manufacturer

Thieman Tailgates, Inc. markets a full-line of hydraulic liftgates for light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Toplifters, Stowaways, Railgates, Sideloaders, and Conventional models are all part of the Thieman line-up. For many years Thieman has been customizing liftgates to meet specific needs. From 1000lb to 6600 lb lifting ...

Expertec | Tommy Gate Liftgates - The Original Hydraulic Lift

Tommy Gate has also made the V-2 Series one of the most user-friendly liftgates ever by making sure that the retention ramps and bridge mounts can all be accessed by foot or by hand and help to secure carts and dollys and allow a smooth transition from the lift platform to the bed or the ground.


If hydraulic fluid appears contaminated, refer to the CHANGING HYDRAULIC FLUID procedure in the PERIODIC MAINTENANCE section. Keep track of the grade of hydraulic fluid in the pump reservoir and never mix two different grades of fluid. Check all hoses and fittings for chafing and fluid leaks. Tighten loose fittings or replace parts as required.

What's the Best Hydraulic Oil for My Lift | GSES

When considering hydraulic oil, a question we often receive is "which is better, AW32 or AW46?" The short answer is that neither is better or worse. Ultimately, there are several factors that must be considered to determine which is the better option for your lift and your shop.

Hydraulic Liftgates | Liftgates For Trucks And Tailgates

Full list of hydraulic liftgates from Anthony. Series, model, capacity range and ride type. Find the right hydraulic platform liftgate for your needs.

How to add hydraulic Fluid to maxon lift gate - YouTube

Feb 03, 2018· Fixing maxon lift gate by adding hydraulic!transmission fluid to the tank.

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Aug 23, 2002· hydraulic fluid, instead of tranny fluid - and the cost shouldnt be all that much different. We get out Hyd fluid in 55gallon drums, which actually makes it 1/3 the cost, per quart, than AT fluid. But then we have more than lift gates around here; ie Clark Lift trucks - P&H Cranes - Cherry pickers - you name it, we might have it.

Tommy Gate - Service and Parts - The Original Hydraulic Lift

Tommy Gate now has folding-platform Railgates for straight trucks with 102-inch wide bodies. Read More. Product Updates - New Pickup and Cargo Van Brackets. Updated installation brackets for 2013 Dodge Ram 3500 DRW and 2014 Ford Transit Connect Commercial Vans. Read More. Quick Links . Document Library


Check the Hydraulic Fluid level in the Pump Reservoir. Refer to the CHECKING HYDRAULIC FLUID procedure in the PERIODIC MAINTENANCE section. Keep track of the grade of Hydraulic Fluid in the Pump Reservoir and never mix two different grades of fluid. Check all Hoses and Fittings for chaffing and fluid leaks. Replace if necessary.

BMW E61 5 Series Wagon Hydraulic Tailgate Lift Repair ...

3. The hydraulic repair kit from BMW - which includes some hydraulic fluid and a bunch of small parts. Then - I got started. If you are going to top up the hydraulic fluid - start by opening the tailgate, closing the tailgate, then opening the tailgate again. This bleeds the system.

Gates Hydraulics 101

Hydraulic motors and cylinders are used on agricultural, construction and industrial equipment. Filter - removes unwanted contaminants from the fluid. Hose or Tubing Fluid Lines- transport hydraulic fluid from the pump through the hydraulic system. While there are different kinds of pumps, actuators, valves, etc., the basic design of a ...

The Best Hydraulic Oil and Lubricants for Your Automatic Gate

The Best Hydraulic Oil and Lubricants for Your Automatic Gate. When it comes to automatic gates and security systems, smoothness is key. What we mean is this: if you depend upon your gate to open smoothly and close smoothly whenever you call upon it to do so, it should always deliver.