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We also offer training courses for operators and service technicians to deliver the skills they need to properly operate and service lift equipment. Construction site safety should always be top of mind, and at JLG, we provide everyone in the access industry with the courses they need to be compliant with OSHA regulations and ANSI best practices.

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When working near power lines, where should caution stickers be installed? 6ft When a crane is in transit (no load) and you are required to pass beneath 26 kV power lines, what is OSHA 1926.1411 Table T minimum required clearance?

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Bucket truck safety is central to Truguard™, an improved version of the original, which was released in 2012 as Versalift's best-in-class proprietary upper control isolating system. TruGuard™, which provides another level of protection to linemen working in aerial lifts from phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground electrical contact, comes standard on every insulated aerial lift that is ...

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Allowing crane operations near power lines only when applicable requirements are met. Ensuring precautions are implemented for special lifting operations, such as multiple crane lifts. Ensuring rigging is performed by competent personnel. Ensuring the load is properly rigged and balanced.

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Working near Power Lines . Maintain a minimum clearance of 10-15 feet away, depending on the voltage, from the nearest overhead line, this includes any conductive objects such as tools or other equipment. Always treat overhead lines as energized, even if they are down or appear to be insulated. Only qualified power line and communications ...

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Feb 07, 2016· The bottom line is that if we are going to get any use out of our aerial devices, we will have to learn how to operate those aerial devices safely around power lines. (1) Firefighters in the Great Barrington Fire Department position the aerial tower under and past power lines to operate safely during this training exercise.

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Hoisting personnel near power lines. Hoisting personnel within 20 feet of a power line that is up to 350 kV, and hoisting personnel within 50 feet of a power line that is over 350 kV, is prohibited, except for work covered by subpart V of this part (Power Transmission and Distribution).

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Two (2) certified operators must be present at all times during operations of the lift; one as a lift operator, and the other as a spotter. 7a. Maintain mandatory minimum clearances from overhead power lines.

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Oct 13, 2016· To stay safe when working below or near a lift, keep the following in mind: Watch for falling objects when the boom is directly overhead. Avoid making unnecessary contact with the vehicle. If the operator in the bucket makes contact with a power line, electricity could be conducted through the lift. Always be conscious of the boom's movements.

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Instructions for correct operation of the lift (including maximum intended load and load capacity); ... Treat all overhead power lines and communication cables as energized, and stay at least 10 feet (3 meters) away. Ensure that the power utility or power line workers de-energize power lines …

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§1926.1408 Power Line Safety (up to 350 kV) – equipment operations §1926.1409 Power Line Safety (over 350 kV) §1926.1410 Power Line Safety (all voltages) – equipment operations closer than the Table A zone §1926.1411 Power Line Safety –while traveling under or near power lines with no load

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Dec 08, 2020· A Sartell man got stuck on a power line with an aerial lift while hanging Christmas lights Sunday afternoon. The Stearns County Sheriff's Office received a call just before 5 p.m. where the caller reported that 40-year-old Jonathon Boerger of Sartell and another were hanging lights in a tree when they struck a power line.

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Upper Controls Controls situated in the platform, man-lift, or bucket part of the aerial lift that also controls the movement of the lift. These are the main controls used during operation of the lift. Users Persons or entities such as CCSD who have care, control, and custody of the aerial lift. RSK-W505 REV. A JUNE 24, 2010 Page 3 of 6

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a power line that is down or broken, DO NOT touch it. STAY AWAY from it and call 911 immediately. There is no way to tell if a power line is energized just by looking at it. Always assume it is energized and carries currents strong enough to kill. Q. How can farm equipment and other machinery be safely operated near power lines? A.

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Call for information.) In North Carolina, the Overhead High-Voltage Line Safety Act requires that anyone planning to work or lift within 10 feet of overhead power lines call Duke Energy at 800.POWERON. Don't prune near power lines. Pruning trees or vegetation around power lines should only be attempted by trained professionals.

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From the latest access lifts to services, parts and technical support, JLG makes sure you have what you need to get the job done. JLG is a leading supplier of access equipment, including various aerial work platforms, man lifts and telehandlers. All access equipment needs can be filled with our wide range of products and services.

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Electrical Safety Code of Practice2020 – Working near overheadand underground electric lines (ESOPDF029) Page 2 of 35 This Queensland code of practice has been approved by the Minister for Education and Minister

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Sep 26, 2017· Boom lifts, also known as cherry pickers, are boom-supported aerial platforms. They are mainly used in construction, fruit picking and overhead power line service, and either come with a separate trailer or are fitted on the back of a truck, called a bucket truck. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ...

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It must be assumed that all power lines are energized unless the utility owner/operator confirms that the power line has been and continues to be de-energized and it is visibly grounded at the worksite. To avoid contact to power lines when operating cranes the employer must follow the regulations of 1926 Subpart CC. Follow these three steps every time a crane is operated.

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Do not position aerial lifts between overhead hazards if possible. Treat all overhead power lines and communication cables as energized, and stay at least 10 feet (3 meters) away. Ensure that the power utility or power line workers de-energize power lines in …

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Jul 23, 2019· 6. If scaffolds or aerial lifts must be erected or moved in the area of overhead power lines, a competent employee must be appointed to observe the clearance between the power lines and the scaffold to ensure that the MSAD is maintained. 7. Aerial lifts or scaffolds must never be erected / positioned above live electrical power lines. 8.

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An Xcel Energy crew turned off the power and removed the line tangled with the lift. Officials later learned the 40-year-old homeowner was decorating a tree with lights when the lift hit the power ...

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but are not limited to, power shovels, excavators and concrete pumps. (2) Power shovels, excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, loader backhoes, track loaders. This machinery is also excluded when used with chains, slings or other rigging to lift suspended loads. (3) Automotive wreckers and tow trucks when used to . clear wrecks and haul vehicles.

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Boom lifts come in two designs: Articulating (Knuckle) booms, and Telescopic (Straight) booms. Articulating Boom Lifts are aerial work platforms with multiple sections that "articulate," allowing the user to gain access to work areas that may be blocked by barriers or obstacles.