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Measuring Guide for the QuickJack Portable Car Lift

This is your Ground Clearance measurement (Measurement D) Keep in mind that there must be some space between QuickJack and your vehicle's lifting points. If your car's lift points are resting flush on a fully-lowered QuickJack, the frames will be unable to generate enough force to lift the vehicle.

How Do I Know If A Car Lift Is Right For My Garage?

The car lift itself will fit into one bay space and it is optimal to have 11-12 feet clearance height. Garage Living also has modified garage doors to accommodate the lift. The door is modified by extending the garage door tracks to the ceiling and replacing the ceiling …

What To Know About Car Lift Height Requirements | Kwik ...

Jul 17, 2018· But you get more ground clearance with a Kwik-Lift because it lifts a car by its tires. By comparison, a typical scissor-style entry level lift supports a car by its designated jack points. That means you'll get a ground clearance of only 20 inches with a typical scissor-style entry level lift while you'll get about 30 inches with a Kwik-Lift.

How High Does the Ceiling Need to Be for a Car Lift? | Car ...

Jun 27, 2019· Typically, a 12-foot minimum clearance, floor to ceiling, is required for your general two-post lift. Higher ceiling height is required for some of the four-post storage lifts and anything designed for larger trucks. For personal or hobby shops, many people purchase or reference Behm Design plans.

Lifts & Ramps Safely Bring Your Vehicle Up To Working Height

Dimension specifications to consider when looking at lifts are overall height, overall width, width clearance inside the columns, and rise heights (with and without any adapter pads). Moving up, we've got the BendPak XPR-10A Dual Width Asymmetric 2 Post Lift (10,000 pounds) with posts rotated 30 degrees to allow easier door egress.

Best Car Lifts | ConsumerAffairs

Feb 14, 2020· Two-post lifts. Two-post car lifts are the most common lifts found in automotive shops. They consist of two posts and a crossbar that raises the car to its clearance height.

The 10 Best Car Lifts for Home Garage to Buy 2020 - Auto ...

Nov 19, 2020· It effortlessly lifts 11,000 pounds to a height of 72 inches—plenty of space if you want to want to work under the car comfortably. The motor is relatively quiet and operates smoothly. The lift is CE-certified and ISO 9001 compliant.

All About Low Rise Car Lifts and Why You'll Want One ...

Jan 23, 2018· Different Types of Low Rise Car Lifts. There are three basic types of low rise lifts. 1. A "Low Clearance" 2-Post Lift. As a general rule, there's no such thing as a "low clearance" 2 post lift. In reality, most of the low rise or low clearance 2 post lifts have a couple of characteristics:

Golf Cart Lift Kit Types Explained: Different Types and ...

Lift kits provide your cart with higher ground clearance (for driving over rough terrain), a wider and more stable riding stance, and the ability to fit offset wheels and larger tires on your cart. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out all of our Club Car Lift Kit, EZGO Lift Kit & Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kit offerings.

Correct Spacing for Auto Lifts

Regarding ceiling height, it comes to the overall working height of your lift plus a vehicle. For an overhead-style lift, with a cross beam for passing the cables and hydraulics, you need to allow a foot or two of additional space. If you have a baseplate or free-standing lift, the top of your vehicle on the lift will dictate how high you can go.

Best Car Ramps (Review & Buying Guide) 2020

If your car has high ground clearance, then the length of the ramp is quite dependent on the height of the ramp. Ideally, the ramp should be at an incline of anywhere between 6 and 15 degrees, although there are those with steeper approach angles.

2-Post Car Lifts | Northern Tool

Rotary Lift 2-Post Truck Lift with 3-Stage Arms — 12,000-Lb. Capacity, 140in.H Low Ceiling, Red, Model# SPO12N7T5RD

How to Raise a Car's Suspension | It Still Runs

A car or truck suspension can be raised through a series of adjustments or replacement parts, giving the vehicle more ground clearance. Having a higher ground clearance can help with off-roading, easier repair or interior access. The average backyard mechanic can raise a …

The Complete Guide on Installing a 2 Post Car Lift for ...

Jul 19, 2013· Introduction. As everyone knows, the 2 post car lift is one of the most useful items that you can have in your repair shop or if you are a DIY'er in your home garage. Every repair shop that you go to will always have one these items in their shops because it is easier to fix a car while you are standing up than it is laying down underneath a car with limited light.

Low Ceiling 2 Post Car Lift - Fit Stop Garage

LOW CEILING 2 POST CAR LIFT TRIUMPH NT-9 The Triumph NT-9 is a 9000lb (4082kg) floor plate, two post vehicle lift, designed with low ceiling garages in mind. The NT-9 has the lowest overall height of the lifts shown here. At 111″ (2.82 m) it is two inches lower than most low ceiling models. This … Low Ceiling 2 Post Car Lift Read More »

Truss modification for lift clearance | Off-Topic ...

we're planning to build an additional garage on a regular 2 car footprint but with 12' walls for a pair of 4 post lifts to stack 4 cars. but i still want a 2 post lift for working on cars and want to be able to stand under it comfortably.

Car Lifts - Shop Equipment - The Home Depot

The TUXEDO TP9KF-TUX 9,000 lbs. Light-Duty 2 Post The TUXEDO TP9KF-TUX 9,000 lbs. Light-Duty 2 Post Lift is an economy designed open top/floor plate vehicle lift with standard lift features including: symmetrical swing arms, low profile 4 in. lifting pads, stackable height adaptors, saddle pad adaptors and dual point carriage lock releases. The 1-piece column combined with reliable chain drive ...

CLFP9 2-Post Low Ceiling Car Lift | Challenger Lifts

clfp9 2 post low ceiling car lift With a 9,000 lb. capacity and 10' 7/8" overall column height, Challenger's CLFP9 2-post is ideal for low ceiling applications. 3-stage front and 3-stage rear arms provide maximum sweep, arm retraction and reach.

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GP-7LCS () 106.5" Height, 125" Width, 54" Rise GrandPrix Series 2-Post Lift / 7,000-lb. Capacity / 106.5" Overall Height. The GP-7LCS is a truly one-of-a-kind design. Because it fits in garages with ceilings as low as 9', it boasts the lowest columns ever found on a permanent two-post lift.

2 Post Car Lifts - ALI Certified 2 Post Car Lift | GSES

The 2 Post Car Lift is a primary necessity for the vehicle service industry. Inspecting the underside of a vehicle is a lot easier while standing under the car instead of looking up while lying on a creeper. Greg Smith Equipment Sales provides the highest quality Overhead and Base Plate 2 Post Auto Lifts, at the most competitive prices in the Industry.


Atlas® Atlas Platinum PVL-9BP ALI Certified Baseplate 9,000 lbs. Capacity 2 Post Above Ground Car Lift $3,600.00 $3,245.00

Ceiling Height Calculator - Direct Lift

Step 2: Calculate your required height to the lowest obstruction, enter values in inches below. (a) Min. clearance to lowest obstruction " (b) Top vehicle height + inches (c) Runway thickness + " (d) Drive under height (from Step 1) + inches : Required ceiling height = " or: Feet. Inches

The Best Car Lift For Home Garage (Review) in 2020 | Car ...

Sep 24, 2020· The unit has a maximum lift height between 75 and 81 inches, depending on whether you use the product's truck adapter, while the drive-through clearance is 100 inches. Users report that this lift is very well made and easy to assemble and install, despite instructions that may be a …

Best Car Lift For Home Garage 2020 | 2 Post, 4 Post & Scissor

Mar 05, 2020· A 4 post car lift has a very low ground clearance, which makes loading low cars easier. However, with some 2 post car lifts, you are able to lower the post jacking points up and down. Many people are put off from a 2 post lift due to the additional size it takes up compared with the two post lift.