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How strong was Spiderman when he wore the black ... - Quora

Mar 04, 2018· Spiderman's normal strength is on the 10-ton range. The guy being smashed is Firelord, a short-lived Galactus' Herald of a 50-ton range strenght With the original alien symbiote this increases from this 10 ton base to 20–30 ton; even to a upper ro...

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Strength Scale | Marvel Database | Fandom

The purpose of this Strength Scale is to, eventually, put all the characters of the Marvel Universe in order, by raw physical strength. This includes the amount of weight each listed character can lift over his/her head with arms fully extended (Overhead press) based upon information taken out of the various printings of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and other encyclopedic comic ...

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Spider-Man: 5 DC Villains He Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) | CBR

Sep 27, 2019· He does whatever a spider can and has helped defeat cosmic terrors and tremendous evils like Galactus, Thanos, and Ultron. Spider-Man is proof that you don't have to be the strongest, the fastest, or the smartest to be a good superhero-- you only need to keep doing what's right no matter the reward nor the consequences. It's a thankless job so a few wisecracks and tomfoolery during fights …

how much can spiders lift? | Yahoo Answers

May 23, 2006· Depends on the spider. Something like a tiny money spider, barely larger than a 12 point font period will not be able to lift nearly as much as a goliath eating spider the size of a dinner plate. The spiders are very diverse group, and so there is no easy answer to this question. Some are robust and hearty, like crab spiders, and built for ...

[Spiderman] How much can Spidey lift? : AskScienceFiction

Strength changes a lot in comics for heroes who go from street level to cosmic back to street level. Spider-man can be said to be as strong as an Asgardian but no where near Thor. A good example of his strength is when someone else took over his mind and punched a villains jaw off because he didn't know Spidey's true strength.

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How Much Weight Can Batman Actually Lift? | Screen Rant

In his spare time, you can find him entertaining kids as Spider-Man or Darth Vader at birthday parties or scaring the heck out of them at haunted houses. Visit Michael Jung's website for information on how to hire him, follow him on Twitter Michael, or contact him directly: michael(at)michaeljungwriter(dot)com.

Spider-Man: The 10 Most Powerful Opponents He's Defeated ...

When Marvel first officially defined Spider-Man's strength in 1983 it was stated he could lift 10 tons. His strength level remained there until approximately 2005 or so when he got a boost. It was ...

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how much can spider-man lift? | Yahoo Answers

Jun 04, 2008· how much can spider-man lift? Answer Save. 9 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Favourite answer. in the comic book he can lift 10 tons. 2 0. John N. Lv 5. 1 decade ago. Spider-man was in the 10 ton range, after the storyline "The Other" he was able to lift 20 tons, after the storyline "One More Day" he's now back at being able to ...

Just how strong is Spider-Man? | Fandom

May 14, 2019· A spider can lift 170x their weight, and if Peter has inherited a spider's powers, he could lift about 25000 pounds, roughly translating to 12.5 ton. But in the comics it has been proven he can lift up to tons if under extreme conditions.

How Strong Is Spider-Man? — Comic Bastards

Apr 18, 2016· Amazingly Spider-Man moves to the front of the car, puts his feet down on the tracks and is able to slow it down before it goes over the edge of an unfinished road. Wow. Sure he faints at the end but not before flexing those Maguire muscles. Best actor to play Spider-Man to date btw. In the Amazing Spider-Man #120 Spider-Man takes on the ...

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Capacity: 0.995t x 3.5m Max Lifting Height: 8.8m Total Width: 0.6m Weight: kg

How strong can Spider-Man punch? : Spiderman

Jul 02, 2010· I pretty much know how much Spider-Man is able to lift (15 tons with no effort and 60 with full effort) but it's never been specified how strong his punches could be If unrestrained. I always thought it was more powerful than a bullet or even a tank shell if he didn't hold back.

Spider-Man / Headscratchers - TV Tropes

Here goes. It's been established that Spider-Man can lift (overhead press) 10 tons. Let's say that when he was a skinny 15 year old who hadn't gotten his powers yet, Peter could overhead press about 100 pounds. I know, that's a stretch. Since he can lift 10 tons after the spider bite, that about a 200-fold increase in strength.

Spider-Man Is As Strong as Thor (With One Catch) | Screen Rant

And considering that Spider-Man already has super strength and keeps himself in prime fighting shape all the time, when he runs into a desperate situation, the power he can tap into is considerable. Readers first witnessed this in The Amazing Spider-Man #32-33 where Spider-Man tracks Doctor Octopus to a laboratory to retrieve a stolen serum that can save his Aunt May.

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Capacity: 0.995t x 3.5m Max Lifting Height: 8.8m Total Width: 0.6m Weight: kg

Spider-Man's Strongest Moments! - YouTube

Jul 01, 2017· Today on Variant, Arris looks at Spider-Man's strongest moments! **New Episodes Every Wednesday and Saturday!** Subscribe to Variant and never miss an episod...

How much can spiders lift? | Yahoo Answers

Oct 20, 2012· Most spiders don't 'lift' their prey, they subdue it either with an ambush attack and paralyzing bite, or overwhelm prey with web. A June bug for example can weigh 4 times that of a wolf spider, yet quickly succumb to a bite. Usually for a given size of a spider …