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Aerial Lifts. An aerial lift is any vehicle-mounted device used to elevate personnel, including: Extendable boom platforms, Aerial ladders, Articulating (jointed) boom platforms, Vertical towers, and; Any combination of the above. Aerial lifts have replaced ladders and scaffolding on many job sites due to their mobility and flexibility.


DISCLAIMER: This Weekly Aerial Lift Inspection Form is only a guide. Always read and understand the operators manual before operating this machine. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure all operators are trained and familiarized in accordance with ANSI/SIA 92.5 and ANSI/SIA 92.6. WEEKLY AERIAL LIFT INSPECTION FORM LIFT #: Company Name:


BOOM LIFT - SCISSOR LIFT - TRAILER MOUNTED BOOM LIFT New Machine Inspection and End of Warranty Report White Copy to JLG Industries, Inc.; Canary Copy to JLG Account Holder; Pink Copy to Owner/User; Owner Update form send to JLG Industries, Inc. as required Form No.- - CGF459 - 3/16/2005 JLG Industries, Inc. 1 JLG Drive

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Jan 23, 2009· – JLG Lift – A-1 SECTION A. INTRODUCTION - MAINTENANCE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS A GENERAL This section contains the general safety precautions which must be observed during maintenance of the aerial platform. It is of utmost importance that maintenance per-sonnel pay strict attention to these warnings and precau-


Page 1 Operation and Safety Manual Original Instructions - Keep this manual with the machine at all times. Boom Lift Models 600S 600SJ 660SJ ANSI ® May 1, 2012... Page 2 ADE Identification All 600S, 600SJ, and 660SJ machines from S/N 61927 incorporate ADE (JLG Control System). The follow- ing machine serial numbers prior to S/N 61927 also utilize ADE: 58993, 58998, 59222, 59223, …

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Boom Lifts; 3246ES; JLG 3246ES Manuals Manuals and User Guides for JLG 3246ES. We have 5 JLG 3246ES manuals available for free PDF download: ... Section 2 - User Responsibilities, Machine Preparation & Inspection. 23. Personnel Training. 23. Operator Training. 23. Training Supervision. 23. Operator Responsibility. 24. Inspection and Maintenance ...

Operators and Safety Manual - JLG Industries

1-2 – JLG Lift – Machine Inspection • Do not operate this machine until the inspections and functional checks have been performed as specified in the Preparation and Inspection section of this manual. machine.


If scissor lift is found to fail any aspect of the inspection, remove from service and report it to your supervisor. SCISSOR LIFT PRE-USE INSPECTION CHECKLIST Operator: Date: Unit Type: Lift ID #: Location: # Inspection Item/Description Pass/Fail/NA 1 Operating and emergency controls are in proper working condition

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JLG Boom Inspection Form (60 KB PDF) JLG Scissor Inspection Form (54 KB PDF) JLG Vertical Lift Inspection Form (47 KB PDF) JLG Vertical Lift/Push-Around Inspection Form (76 KB PDF) JLG EcoLift Inspection Form (68 KB PDF) JLG FS LiftPod Inspection Form (60 KB PDF) JLG FT LiftPod Inspection Form (81 KB PDF)

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Sep 16, 2020· The aerial lift was bought used (unless the aerial lift in question has up-to-date inspections). Your aerial lift has been in service for 3 months or 150 hours (whichever comes first). Or if your equipment has been out of service for more than 3 months. Only a mechanic or technician qualified on the like make and model of aerial lift can ...

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Dec 01, 2011· MODEL(S): Specified JLG Boom Lifts Tools and Equipment Required: 1. AWS 70 grade, low-hydrogen rod or wire 2. portable grinder 3. standard mechanic and welding tools 4. magnetic particle or dye penetrant weld inspection material 5. paint Personnel Required: 1. qualified JLG equipment mechanic 2. certified welder Parts/Material Required: 1.

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Therefore, a $15,000 scissor lift would cost $3750 to complete a major inspection. This approximate price does not include any parts which may need replacing in order to re-certify. The cost of an EWP major inspection will depend on the manufacturer and model number of the EWP so please contact Swift Equipment for a detailed quote.

Conducting a Boom Lift Walk Around Inspection - YouTube

The walk around inspection ensures there is no visible damage to your boom lift. A pre-operational check of your machine must be conducted before using it ea...

Scissor Lift Walk Around Inspection - YouTube

Dec 18, 2015· Learn how to safely and properly operate JLG® scissor lifts.

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Jul 04, 2014· For more resources on daily pre-start inspections of MEWPs, see

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JLG Scissor Inspection Form (54 KB PDF) JLG Vertical Lift Inspection Form (47 KB PDF) Telehandler Inspections. JLG telehandlers require pre-operation inspections and periodic maintenance. The requirements are outlined in both the appropriate JLG Operator & Safety manual and Service & Maintenance manual.

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JLG industries presents the walk-around inspection for JLG scissor lifts you will learn how to conduct a proper walk-around inspection by viewing this video you were accepting responsibility for the safe and proper operation of your machine and for complying with all applicable laws and regulations covering its proper use you must not operate any machine until you have read and understood the ...

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Inspections. LIFT-A-LOFT has qualified inspectors available to perform inspections on site or at our facility. Our professional technicians, with over 45 years of combined experience, will ensure your aerial lifts are safe for your employees, protecting you and your company.

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Under the ANSI/SIA Standards A92.5 and A92.6 section 6.6(2) and the manufacturer's requirements, equipment owners/users need to make sure that aerial lifts have had a frequent inspection at "3 months or 150 hours" (whichever comes first).

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12) Boom valley – leaks/debris M M M WORKPLACE INSPECTION OK NO N/A 13) Accessory plugs and cables M M M 35) Drop-offs or holes M M M 14) Boom & articulating joints – general condition/wear M M M 36) Bumps and floor/ground obstructions M M M

Operation and Safety Manual - JLG Industries

jlg industries, inc. sends safety related bulletins to the owner of record of this machine. contact jlg industries, inc. to ensure that the current owner records are updated and accurate. jlg industries, inc. must be notified immediately in all instances where jlg products have been involved in an accident involving bodily injury


BOOM LIFT and TRAILER MOUNTED BOOM LIFTS Annual Machine Inspection Report Copy to JLG Account Holder; Copy to Owner/User; Owner Update Form send to JLG Industries, Inc. as required Form No.- - CGF483 - 3/31/2005 JLG Industries, Inc. 1 JLG Drive McConnellsburg, PA Check each item below.

Operation and Safety Manual - JLG Industries

Mar 23, 2018· FOREWORD – JLG Lift – a FOREWORD This manual is a very important tool! Keep it with the machine at all times. The purpose of this manual is to provide owners, users, operators, lessors, and lessees with the precautions and operating

Operation and Safety Manual - JLG Industries

Aug 21, 2007· 10. Employees using aerial lifts shall be instructed on how to recognize and avoid unsafe condi-tions and hazards. 11. Ground controls shall not be operated unless permission has been obtained from personnel in the platform, except in case of an emer-gency. 12. Regular inspection of the job site and aerial lift shall be performed by competent ...