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The Dok-Box Leveler Pit Forming Kit is an efficient system for forming dock leveler pits by doubling as a curb angle and a concrete pit form. The proprietary Dok-Box comes complete with front and rear squaring members for efficient, time saving set-up.

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Dec 06, 2019· Dock levelers and dock lifts are 2 of the most common products used at a loading dock area and are generally installed into a pre-formed concrete pit. Prior to the equipment arriving at the construction site the pits are first formed. The pit curb angle is required at that time to form the pit to the manufacturer's specified length, width and depth. The pit …

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The construction of the loading pit may cause some construction challenges due to unfavourable soil conditions or the ground water level. A steep decline can create problems because when a lorry is not horizontal during loading or unloading operations, the following problems may occur:

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A dock pit for a dock leveler mechanism comprises a pre-cast concrete body including integrally formed side, rear panel and front panels, all forming a continuous perimeter open therethrough to receive the load leveler …

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Take comfort when using a Metro Dock Leveler. From standard models to custom applications, Metro Dock Levelers are manufactured with safety as the top priority. ... New Construction. Ensure your new pit construction layout supports the installation of your dock …

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Curb angle steel sets for construction framing of new dock leveler concrete pits.

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Jan 26, 2009· Dock leveler pits. If concrete is placed monolithically around a dock leveler pit, two reentrant corners are formed in the slab. As with inside corners of a wall and other similar locations, sawcutting at right angles to the dock face often will not eliminate random cracks from forming off the corners of the leveler unit.

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May 26, 2016· What does a dock leveler do? Simple answer: allow a forklift to safely load/unload a semi-truck Because not all loading docks and trailers are the same height, we must bridge the gap between the building and truck in a way that allows for the safe & efficient loading of trailers.

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Dock Leveler Pit Construction Details. So that you can get a better idea of what the dock leveler pit construction looks like, we've put together some construction details and specification sheet for building your leveler pit.. We've included the pour pan details as well as specs/requirements for the pit construction.

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Loading Dock Planning and Design - The proficient stream of products in and out of facilities is vital in today's extremely competitive world.

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These Dock Levelers are installed in a concrete pit (professional installation is required). Heavy duty steel offers 1/4" thick treadplate deck and 16"H lip. Loading Dock Levelers …

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Pit Style Blue Giant has a pit style dock leveler for every application. Mechanical, hydraulic, and air-powered models are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, and for added security and productivity, Blue Giant is pleased to offer our popular Extra Dock Safety (XDS) Series.

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Pit Style Mechanical Dock Leveler Poweramp® has value engineered its line of mechanical levers to produce the LMP Series Mechanical dock leveler. The LMP Series incorporates the manufacturing efficiency of the "Lug Hinge" deck design with standard box construction to produce a reliable, economic mechanical dock leveler.


Pit Kit. A Pit Kit is a strong metal form built to the dimensions of Metro Dock Levelers. Unlike the Pour-in-Place Pan, a Metro Dock Pit Kit is set into the pit before the installation of the dock. This ensures a perfect fit of the dock into the pit without having to install the dock long before it is needed.

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Campisa dock pit levelers range includes provides swing or telescopic lip dock levelers, castle and suspended dock levellers, hydraulic dock levelers, manual or electrohydraulic opening, to satisfy the different needs of pits' construction systems. The best system is prefabrication, which provides defined, fast, cheap and sure results ...

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There are several types of curb angles available: The Straight Angle used to cover and protect the horizontal and vertical concrete edges of the pit; The Quick Mounted System (QMS) version, allowing you to create the pit and fit the leveller at the end of the construction process. The Stertil Dock Products QMS curb angles protect the pit edges and also ensure tailoer measured to perfectly fit ...

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Dock Leveler Pit & Ramp Construction. We specialize in complete concrete loading dock and ramp construction. We can also quickly handle repairs for existing concrete docks and ramps. Complete Concrete Dock Leveler Pit Construction, Hydraulic, Air Powered and Manual; New Concrete Dock Ramps; Concrete Edge Repair and Reinforcement

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Dock levellers are designed to allow access onto vehicles whose heights vary from that of the loading dock or those that require the reach of a dock leveller to bridge the gap between the loading dock and the vehicle floor. FP McCann's concrete pits offer a high-quality and durable precast system to meet your specific requirements.

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Recessed Dock Levelers. The recessed, or pit-style (Figure 42), dock leveler is the most common type of dock leveler because it has a greater operating range, load range, and life expectancy. Dock levelers are most often installed into pits that are formed into the concrete ahead of time.

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The 3-sided pit kit is a construction material that will make the dock leveler construction process faster. 3-Sided Pit Kits eliminate the need to form out the pit kit and install required curb angles and concrete embeds. They are made out of three prefabricated steel walls and bolted together on-site to form a sturdy, true square dock pit …

Dock Leveler Pit Kits vs. Pour in Pans

There are two installation methods available for both mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers. The first method is a preformed pit kit, and the second is a..

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Dock Leveler Pit Construction Brochure.pdf. Dock Leveler Pit Construction Brochure. Pit Construction for a Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Leveler with a RVR (recessed hook style) vehicle restraint: Warehouse Technology. Corporate Headquarters. 2 Lukens Drive. New Castle, DE 19720.

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Improve construction site safety and reduce liability of having an open loading dock pit. Pre-installed pour-in pan dock levelers, save time, money and effort in building a square pit for all models of standard loading dock levelers. Pour-in pan dock levelers eliminate the need for pre-pit forming, simply set and install the pour-in pan dock ...

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Randahl Construction, Inc. in Corcoran, MN provides dependable Dock Leveler Pit Concrete, necessary to support your industrial dock levelers for years of smooth operation. Our Dock Leveler Pit Concrete Benefits. The loading dock should be a smooth …