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the leveler is still centered in front.Weld rear angle to curb angle. Use 4" weld with 12" spacing minimum. 5. IMPORTANT. Raise and lower the leveler several times before shimming in front. Check to see that the leveler platform will be level with the dock floor. 6. Lower the platform to the stored position. 7.

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Hydraulic and Manual Dock Levelers are usually recessed into the dock in a concrete pit. The average platform size is 6x 6 and can accommodate forklifts and cargo up to 35,000 pounds. In general, Pit Mount Dock Levelers are safer, have a higher capacity and can handle a wider range of truck platform heights.

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Loading Dock or Laoding Bay, is a complete assembly of three parts: Dock Door: Sectional door or Roller shutter door. It can be thermal insulated.. Dock Leveler: To connect warehouse floo and truck floor. And forklifts can run on it directly into container;. Dock Shelter&Seal: To improve the airtight and seal when loading or unloading goods.


the dock leveler, contact your supervisor or the factory for assistance. OPERATION ONLY trained personnel are to operate or service dockleveler. Follow procedure on placards posted near dock leveler. Call factory for replacement placards, warning labels, or owner's manual. ALWAYS before activating dock leveler:

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The efficient flow of products in and out of facilities is critical in today's highly competitive world. Special attention must be given to the loading dock ...


Mechanical EOD Leveler Owner's & Installation Manual Page 4 Issue Date: 06/21/05 (Part # ) 3. Installation Diagram - Mechanical EOD Dock Leveler CURB ANGLE VERTICAL WELD (BOTH ENDS) BACK FRAME BUMPER AND EXTENSION BRACKET CURB ANGLE PLUG WELD TO CURB ANGLE 5/32" [4 mm] BACK FRAME 1/4" ADJACENT TO HINGE SPOOLS LOCATE AND DRILL 5/8 ...

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Edge Dock Leveler, Manual Dock Leveler, Mechanical Dock Leveler manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Manual Edge of Dock Leveler for Warehouse Loading Dock, Industrial Automatic Overhead Steel Thermal Insulated Vertical Lifting Roll up Metal Exterior Garage or Sectional Door for Warehouse and Loading Docks, Steel Roller Shutter Door for Industrial Warehouse or Garages and so on.


mechanical dock leveler—owner's manual issue date: january 7, 2020 rev. 1.1 (part # e) 3 10.9 standard pit dimensions 22 11.0 ratchet hold-down assembly 23 12.0 toe guards 24 13.0 dock leveler troubleshooting 25 13.1 dock leveler troubleshooting - cont'd 21

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A dock leveler includes a ramp (hinged along its rear edge) and a lip (hinged at the front of the ramp). When not in use, the dock leveler is stored in its neutral position, flush with the loading platform floor. To use a dock leveler, the operator raises the ramp and the lip swings out.

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inside front cover of this manual. - Always barricade the leveler at dock level and drive level to prevent any unauthorized use of the leveler. Remove the Safe-T-StrutTM. • For Safe-T-StrutTM removal, have an assistant raise the leveler to its highest position with lip fully extended. Release the safety clip and remove retaining pin. Lift strut


also be required). At dock edge, mark the center of chosen leveler location. Mark dock edge 33" either side of center (36" for 72"" models; 39" for 78" models; 42" for 84" models). Raise leveler and bump blocks to desired height (3" max.), and weld back of base plate to dock edge steel. Tack weld both bump blocks at left and right

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Congratulations on your choice of a NOVA dock leveler. This manual covers the NHS series hydraulic dock leveler. Designed to be a marvel of simplicity and efficiency, your dock leveler, when properly ... Releasing the RAISE button allows the platform to lower. 9 K — Nov. 2009 June 2010. INSTALLATION Prepare Pit 14 1 0 " D A C B

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Kelley dock levelers are engineered and warranted to last for years, but every product will eventually break down and need repair if it is used long enough. Here are some frequently-asked questions we at Beuschel Sales get about dock levelers – with our answers. Please follow recommended safety procedures before examining or attempting to repair … Frequently Asked Questions about Dock ...

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warnings in owner's/user's manual. 2. Use of dock leveler restricted to trained operators 3. A lway sc h ok t ri e en g ag e tru ck res train t b efo re operating dock leveler or beginning to load or unload. 4. Never use hands or equipment to move ramp or lip 5. Before activating dock leveler:


hydraulic dock leveler dock leveler capacity: the rated capacity of the dock leveler as stated on the serial number plate is a static rating. numerous dynamic loading factors result in the gross load capacity (rollover capacity) being significantly less than the rated static capacity of the dock leveler.

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Tommy Docks - Winch Leveling System - It is used for leveling your dock without having to get into the water. Makes installation and removal of your dock fast and easy. Fits over a dock post pipe up to

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Mini dock leveller. The 105 manual mini dock leveller is equipped with a swing lip. The robust construction and open hinge structure require almost no maintenance. The mini dock leveller cannot be removed making it an ultimately safe alternative.

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optional ENERGY GUARD® dock leveler sealing system. This User's Manual contains information that you need to safely install, operate and maintain the dock leveler. It also contains a complete parts list and information about ordering replacement parts. Please keep and read this User's Manual before using your new dock leveler.

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Hydraulic Dock Leveler AUTODOK MKA 3000 MKA 2000 MKA 1500 Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions Important:Read and understand entire contents of this manual before installing, operating or perform-ing maintenance on this equipment. Caution:Be sure that installation, operation and maintenance are performed by qualified personnel.


EZ-Pull Edge-of-Dock Leveler Owners Manual ... 2.Mount an EZ-Pull leveler with Reefer Lip at 55 inches and use Bluff Wheel Risers to raise low trailers to proper height. Declining and inclining drives require special dock specification. Call for more information.


DOCK LEVELERS OWNER'S MANUAL ... Unit should raise and lip will extend and lock in position. When unit settles to floor of trailer lip lock will disengage. Unit may be recycled with truck in place by raising unit until lip edge clears the rear of trailer then releasing switch.

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Use of dock leveler restricted to trained operators. Do not use this unit to service vehicles outside of its intended working range which is 12" above dock and 12" below dock (15" above dock and 12" below dock for 10' models). Do not operate the dock leveler when anyone is in front of it. Follow procedures on placard(s) posted near dock leveler.


1. Raise the leveler to a comfortable working height and prop up, using the built in maintenance strut before performing any work inside the leveler. 2. Remove cylinder from dock leveler and disassemble. 3. Remove worn seals from cylinder. 4. Make certain that all parts are clean and there is no damage to either the piston or cylinder. 5 ...


of the dock leveler. prior to using the dock leveler, or if the application conditions for the dock leveler change in any respect, contact your authorized pentalift representative to confirm the specific dock leveler's suitability for the application. never walk on the lip to lower the dock leveler onto a truck bed.