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What Is Valvetronic? BMW's Innovative Throttle System

Jul 25, 2016· Valvetronic is a variable valve timing system to offer continuous and precise control over variable intake valve lift, from 0.3 to 9.7 mm (0.18mm to 9.9mm, Valvetronic II and III), and duration.

Active valve lift system - Wikipedia

The I-Active Valve Lift System (i stands for intelligence) or i-AVLS is a valvetrain technology implemented by Subaru in the 2.5L naturally aspirated engines SOHC to improve emissions, efficiency and performance. Note that AVLS is different from AVCS used on other Subaru engines. AVLS improves performance and efficiency by changing which camshaft is operating which of the two intake valves.

what is max valve lift on 781 heads | Chevelles

Feb 21, 2008· what is the max valve lift on a set of 781 ovals with stock length valves i am wondering can they go 700 lift using stock length or do i have to go longer valves 85 CORVETTE
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Valve lift definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

2 · Valve lift definition: The valve lift is the distance by which the valve is raised from its seated position when... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Maximum valve lift | V-Twin Forum

Oct 26, 2008· What is the maximum valve lift that can be run with 06 heads with the behive springs? I am thinking about installing a Crane HTC290-2 cam, and it has a .570 lift. I picked up a set of ported 06 heads with 1.90 intakes, and wanted to run the stock springs. Thanks, Bruggy55

Lift Valve - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Typical engine valve lift profiles of the intake and exhaust valves in the conventional cam-driven valvetrain are shown in Fig. 9.1.The intake and exhaust port pressures and the in-cylinder pressure are illustrated in Fig. 9.2. Typical engine valve flow characteristics are shown in Fig. 9.3.Good volumetric efficiency is achieved via appropriate valve lift and valve timing designs.

Camshaft Specifications and Terminology

Sep 21, 2016· Cam Lift. This is the maximum distance that the cam lobe pushes the lifter. Because the rocker arm ratio will multiply the overall valve lift, this should not to be confused with valve lift.

Variable Valve Timing and Lift - How VVT and VVL Work

Jan 11, 2017· Variable valve lift is mainly used to enhance performance. Instead of having one cam profile for the entire rev range, a VVL engine has two: low-lift and high-lift…

Here are the differences between Variable Valve Lift and ...

Jan 16, 2017· With the Variable Valve Lift system, the camshaft on the exhaust side of the car has two different cam profiles for each valve. There's a short and a tall cam lobe, and it sits on a sleeve that ...

Camshaft Lift - Summit Racing Equipment

Oct 06, 2016· Valve Lift When talking about camshafts and lift, people usually mean valve lift. This is the distance the valve actually moves. It is also called "gross lift." All camshaft manufacturers list this value. Cam Lift This is the distance the cam lobe rises away from the base circle of the camshaft. It is the distance the lifter will move.

Lunati Cam Spec Terms

Valve Lift is the amount (usually in inches) that the valve is lifted off of its seat. It is usually measured with a dial indicator at the tip of the valve. Lobe Lift is the amount (usually in inches) that the cam lobe increases in radius above the cam base circle.

What is a Gas Lift and What is it's Purpose?

Jul 15, 2015· What is a Gas lift? Gas lifts use the artificial lift method by injecting gas into the production tubing to raise water or oil. The gas injected is high-pressure gas by adding bubbles of compressed air and vapor. This acts to lower the hydrostatic pressure at the bottom of the tubing, reducing its density.

What's more important for a cam, lift or duration ...

Feb 18, 2011· This is a product of lift and net valve opening area. The amount of flow possible is a function of the effective area, valve opening ramp, and duration. Given that the valve seat is smaller than the manifold runner, the max flow could only approach, but never equal what the heads could flow with no valve present at all. ...

Max Valve Lift of Stock '74 454 BBC Heads #336781? - Chevy ...

Jan 01, 2006· Re: Max Valve Lift of Stock '74 454 BBC Heads #336781? 02:32 PM - Post# 843797 In response to TriFiveChevyJohn '74 ('73 thru '75?) stock cam specs are for .430 lift for both intake and exhaust. Most other year stock cams are .398 intake and .430 exhaust lift.

measuring valve lift | GBodyForum - '78-'88 General Motors ...

Mar 05, 2012· So ive google searched this and cant find too much info. Is there a tool for measuring valve lift. Supposedly my sbc350 has a mild cam in it, and to avoid having to pull it, I want to measure the valve lift and compare it to what the lift should be with a stock cam.

Maximizing Your Cam's Potential With Better Rocker arm ratios

Aug 16, 2011· Most late-model factory valve springs are incapable of handling increased valve lift. For instance, changing a 2000 LS6 rocker from the stock 1.7 to 1.85 ratio, increases valve lift to .600-inch – well beyond the safe capability of the factory spring. In a case like this, the high-ratio rocker swap should include a matching spring swap as well.

Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

Variable Lift. In some designs, valve lift can also be varied according to engine speed. At high speed, higher lift quickens air intake and exhaust, thus further optimise the breathing. Of course, at lower speed such lift will generate counter effects like deteriorating the mixing process of fuel and air, thus decrease output or even leads to ...

Pontiac V-8 Engines: Valvetrain Performance Guide

Gross valve lift is calculated by simply multiplying camshaft lobe lift by the rocker-arm ratio. The closer the pushrod cup is to the pivot point (or fulcrum) the greater the resultant ratio. For production engines, Pontiac found it easier to achieve peak valve lift using moderate ratio rocker arms as opposed to greater lobe lift.

The Basics of Valve Lifters and Beyond - Engine Builder ...

Sep 01, 2017· Valve lifters play a key role in the valvetrain of pushrod engines. They go all the way back to the earliest days of the internal combustion engine. The earliest engines did not have pushrods or rocker arms. They were a "flathead" design with the valves in the block. The lifters (also called "tappets" because of the clattering noise they produced) rode on the cam lobes in the block and ...

What is a Lift Valve? (with picture) - wiseGEEK

A lift valve is a control device used to apply air to a semi-tractor's lift or tag axle, commonly called a drop axle.Typically located on the tractor's dashboard, the lift valve usually is accompanied by an air pressure gauge that indicates the amount of air pressure being applied to the tag axle.When a driver feels the situation warrants the tag axle being engaged, the lift valve is actuated ...

Understanding Camshaft Fundamentals

Cam lobe lift, also called Gross Lift, is the distance a cam moves a lifter/tappet. Because a rocker arm multiplies the movement of the tappet, valve lift is not the same as cam lobe lift. A 1.5:1 rocker arm ratio takes .4 inches of lobe lift and moves the valve 1.5 times the lobe lift. For example: A cam with a lobe lift of .4 inches will move ...

Rocker Arm Lift Change with Ratio Variations

Insert the valve lift as a decimal, for ex. .480 : Current Rocker Arm Ratio: Valve lift for the lobe affected: New Rocker Arm Ratio: Please Input The Current Rocker Ratio The lift at valve after the rocker arm change will be: inches

Vortec Cylinder Heads Valve Lift - Tech Article - Chevy ...

May 05, 2003· The larger spring and increased lift figures require opening up the spring-seat diameter of the cylinder head and machining down the valve guide and valve-guide boss to clear the retainer.

How to Measure a Camshaft Lift | It Still Runs

A camshaft controls the height and the duration of lift for the valves in the heads of your engine. The distance a camshaft lifts the engine valves depends on the size of the camshaft lobes. As the camshaft turns, a pushrod moves along the lobe in an elliptical pattern. …