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of Proactive Medical's patient lift system. Use of these products is prohibited and will void Proactive Medical 's patient lift warranty. Use only genuine Proactive Medical slings and lift accessories to maintain patient safety and product utility. Use a sling that is recommendedby the individual's doctor, nurse or medical attendant

How to Use a Hoyer Lift for Beginners | Amica Medical Supply

May 21, 2019· This Hoyer lift is able to pick the patient up from the floor and the hydraulic pump-handle allows operation from either side of the lift. The cradle is designed to handle 4-point and 6-point slings. The adjustable base spreads easily with a hand lever to increase stability during patient transfers.

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Proactive Medical Protekt Onyx Hydraulic Patient Body Lift - Heavy Duty for Home Use. 450lbs Capactiy with Adjustable Base 4.5 out of 5 stars 6 $519.00 $ 519 . 00 ($519.00/Count)

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Manual Hydraulic Patient Lifts use hydraulic fluid as the force to move the hoist mechanism. A simple crank is attached to pump the fluid to provide lifting force. Manual Patient Lifts require less physical energy to raise the patient. The person cranking the lever uses minimal effort since the hard work is accomplished by the hydraulic fluid.

Hydraulic Patient Lift with Six Point Cradle, 5" Casters ...

Description With sturdy steel construction and 6-point cradle design, this new-style patient lift by Drive Medical safely raises or lower individuals up to 450 pounds from any stationary position. The lift utilizes high-performance hydraulics to ensure safe and gradual movement. Easy-to-operate breaks on the casters provide additional safety and security, while an adjustable width base allows ...

3 Products to Help Lift Someone Off of the Floor After a Fall

Oct 24, 2017· When lifting a patient from the floor is a common occurrence, the Prism Medical P-300 Portable Lift Motor & Track offers a safe, easy-to-use solution. This lift and track are suitable for both permanent and temporary installations, and since this is the most affordable ceiling lift on the market, it is a practical option for both home and ...

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4.It is a common occurrence after a few hours of non-use for the boom to lower with no weight suspended from the end of the boom. This does not indicate a faulty pump but is a trait common to hydraulic equipment. 5.If trouble develops with the hydraulic pump, remove it and call your Sunrise Medical Supplier to receive an RMA.

Benefits and Uses of Hydraulic Lifts

Jul 06, 2018· Hydraulic passenger lifts using low energy usage so that its lifetime costs is automatically reduced. It has to provide excellent reliability. 2. Goods/Car Lifts. These lifts offer a practical solution to all standard goods and car lift requirements. Whether you need a lift for roll containers or something of a more specialist nature.

How to Use a Hoyer Lift

Lifts operate similarly. The manual versions have hydraulic cylinders and a hand-pump, the powered consumer lifters use rechargeable battery packs and a pushbutton hand control. All lifts share the same nomenclature names as pictured (left). • To raise the consumer the base of the Hoyer Lifter must be spread to its widest

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The Deluxe Hydraulic Lift by Drive Medical provides a safe and easy transfer with its durable steel build and high-performance hydraulic mechanism. This economic option lifts and lowers you gradually, ensuring for a safe and worry-free experience. The Deluxe Hydraulic Lift features a 6-point swivel bar, allowing you to attach 2 or 4 sling ...

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Manuals, Literature & Videos for the Hydraulic 400 Lift. Owner's Manual; Product Brochure; Overview of the Hydraulic 400 Lift. What Makes This Different The Medline Hydraulic 400 Lift has a standard 6-point cradle which allows you to use basic sling or strap style slings, 4-point slings and 6-point slings.

A Complete Guide on How to Use a Patient Hoist Correctly

Mar 01, 2019· Health and Safety Training For Using a Hoist. Regardless of the type of hoist utilised, all carers should be fully trained in using a hoist before actively doing so with a patient. All hoists will come with a handbook of instructions regarding the use, safety, and storage of that specific hoist.

Hoyer Lift: Use, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Safety ...

Please use extreme caution when operating a Hoyer Lift. The operator of the hoyer lift should inspect the lift before each use. Check all bolts for tightness. Make certain boom and mast will not rotate. Check that caster wheels turn freely and that caster brakes can be …

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Apr 22, 2014· Learn how to use a hydraulic lift to transfer someone from bed to wheelchair. This video demonstrates how to correctly use a Hoyer lift.

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The lift is easy to use, has built-in safety features and the chrome finish is easy to keep clean. 5-inch caster wheels allow clearance under hospital beds. This patient lift is capable of lifting someone from the floor. Easily transfers a patient from bed to a wheelchair, toilet, bath. Hydraulic pump is easy to use and a smooth release.

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Mar 29, 2019· How to Use a Hoyer Lift. The Hoyer Lift is a mechanical device designed to lift patients safely. Although Hoyer is a brand name, it is often used as a generic term to refer to any type of mechanical patient lift. Most patient lifts …

Best Practices For Using Patient Lifts

Patient Lifts Designed to lift and transfer patients from one place to another (e.g., from bed to bath, chair to stretcher). Not stairway chair lifts or elevators.

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Patient lifts are medical devices used to comfortably move paralyzed or mostly dependent patients from place to place with minimal strain placed on the caregiver. Also known as handicap lifts, people lifts, mechanical lifts, and hospital lifts, patient lifts are available in a wide variety of models to accommodate patients and caregivers with a range of needs.

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6-point cradle design Hydraulic Patient Lift safely and securely lifts patient from any stationary position. With sturdy steel construction and 6-point cradle design, this new-style patient lift by Drive Medical safely raises or lower individuals up to 450 pounds from any stationary position.

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Manual hydraulic full body patient lifts are a basic kind of patient lifts lifts. This type of lifts are operated by manually pumping up a hydraulic cylinder in order to perform the lift. Features include a hydraulic cylinder and a hand pump. These lifts are widely used because of their price.


Page 1 Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift... Page 2: Specifications If you have questions regarding the safe use and or assembly, maintenance, or specifications of your patient lifter, you should call Customer Service at 1-800-MEDLINE. For service and repair, remember your authorized Medline Dealer is able to provide the assistance needed.

Smooth patient transfers, Part III: Using a hydraulic lift ...

Before using a hydraulic lift, carefully read the manufacturer's instructions and precautions; using the equipment incorrectly could be hazardous. These precautions apply generally. Never leave a patient unattended in a lift. Use the lift to transport the patient over short distances only; the equipment isn't intended for use over long distances.

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How do Manual Lifts Work? Whether it is lifting someone off the floor or from a high surface, our manual patient lifts need minimum effort to carry out the task. They are operated by hand using a handle. When the caregiver cranks the handle, hydraulic fluid powers the pump making the …

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Hydraulic, Deluxe Silver Vein Patient Lift. 13023SV. LEVANTAR Floor Lift, Manual Base 500 lbs. FLNP500. GRAVIS Floor Lift, Manual Base 600 lbs. FLNP600. Battery-Powered Patient Lift. ... All trademarks used in association with the sale of products of Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare are trademarks owned by Medical Depot, Inc. All other trademarks ...