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dock leveler hold down assembly that donot hold in place

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The Hold-Down Upgrade enhances dock leveler performance without any structural alterations, minimizing leveler pop-up. Features and Benefits: Strong Holding - A nine-tooth Cadmium plated pawl for superior deck holding. Rugged Bar - 1-1/2" (40 mm) wide, crown toothed Cadmium plated bar for longer life and less wear.

Maintain Optimal Performance of Loading Dock Equipment

Nov 10, 2017· Before you even purchase your loading dock equipment you have to ensure it's going to support your needs and be properly installed as per the manufacturer's guidelines. Keeping dock levelers functioning well through to the life expectancy largely depends on initially considering the specific load capacities you have, number of shifts & trucks per day, type of material handling …

Specifying dock leveler for your facility

Plus, you can get unrestricted float with a simple hold-down release. Moreover, these dock levelers are ideal for busy facilities as the walkout lip extension accounts for smoother and efficient operations. Hydraulic Dock Levelers. When dealing with high volumes of rugged and powerful equipment, hydraulic dock levelers are ideal for the job.

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How are Pour In Place Dock Levelers Installed ? Below is an overview of Pour in dock leveler installation process: 1. Provided cut out in the foundation wall to accommodate the dock leveler. 2. Pour a concrete pad to support the dock leveler and the loads that will be applied to the dock leveler. 3. Level the dock leveler at the finished floor ...

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Loading Dock Levelers from McGuire are made in the USA and have decades of proven strength and reliability. Available as pit style levelers, edge-of-docks, or vertical storing levelers. W194N11481 McCormick Dr., P.O. Box 309, Germantown, WI 53022 (800)

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An aluminum dock plate with nonskid tread automatically compensates for height differences between dock and truck bed. Use polyethylene dockplates for light duty applications. Use a mini dock plate as a curb or threshold jumper. Choose from aluminum dock boards with aluminum or steel curbs and steel dockboards with steel curbs.

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Click here to shop for boat dock kits, hardware & accessories. Tommy Docks are designed to be the highest quality, most user-friendly do-it-yourself boat dock systems on the planet!

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the dock doors and levelers. The most common dock arrangement is a flush wall with doors spaced on at least 12' centers (Figure 1). If may need to be increased. Twelve-foot centers allow for an overall truck width of 10' including side mirrors. Narrower spacing is possible when room is …

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Dock Strut: Supports both deck and lip for safe under-deck maintenance and inspections B Yieldable Lip: Safety collapses if struck while extended C Hold-down Assembly: Matches dock movement with trailer suspension D Heavy-duty Lift Springs: Have a lifetime warranty E Ergonomic Soft-pull Chain: Requires minimal force to deploy the deck F ...

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Dock levelers bridge the gap and height difference between the dock and the trailer. They also compensate for the up and down float of the trailer bed during loading. Edge-of-Dock Leveler

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The Blue Giant edge-of-dock leveler is an economical solution for applications that do not support the installation of a pit-style leveler or loading docks that serve standard trailer heights. Edge-of-dock levelers are easy to operate and represent an ergonomic and safer alternative to dock plates.

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The Kelley brand was established in 1953 with the invention of the world's first counterbalanced dock leveler. Today the Kelley product line includes dock levelers, vehicle restraints, integrated control systems, dock seals and shelters, HVLS warehouse fans, ergonomic scissor lift tables and a full array of products and services specifically ...

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Parts for loading dock equipment, including dock levelers and vehicle restraints, from Poweramp, DLM and McGuire.

5 Loading Dock Catastrophes (and How to Prevent Them)

Every loading dock is different, but they all have one thing in common: the potential for utter tragedy. About a quarter of all industrial accidents occur on the loading dock – and for each one, there are an estimated 600 near misses (learn more about Near Misses: What They Are and Why You Should Report Them).. Forklifts are the most present danger on the dock, and they're involved in ...

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CUSTOMER DOCK # DOCK # DOCK # DOCK # Leveler Model: Serial # Serial # Serial # Serial # 1 Clean debris from pit 2 Inspect deck and lip 3 Inspect toe guards 4 Inspect any weather seal 5 Tighten all nuts & bolts 6 Inspect all welds 7 Inspect rear hinge 8 Inspect & lubricate front hinge 9 Lubricate & adjust main counterbalance 10 Inspect hold down assembly

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working around the dock work space and people walk-ing by. Remember workers who use equipment such as forklift operators, janitorial staff or maintenance workers can be harmed when working around dock areas. Lastly, don't forget to assess the dock areas where you have public contact. These types of situations can and often do impact more

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Feb 11, 2011· This is a common problem with manual dock levelers. The teeth on the ratchet bar / hold-down assembly are worn and no longer ratchet the plate down properly....

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Caravanture Jack Caster Wheel Dock for Caravans and Trailers - Heavy Duty Rubber Stabilizer Chock for 6 Inch Jockey Wheels Only ... Camper or Trailer Leveler/Wheel Chocks for Stabilizing Uneven Ground and Parking - Set of 2 Blocks, Yellow ... Helps Keep Your Trailer in Place So You Can Re-Hitch - (44475) 4.8 out of 5 stars 76. $17.28 #24.

Mechanical Loading Dock Levelers

when the truck is still at the dock. This is done by pulling a hold-down release ring installed in the dock leveler deck. The pull force required to release the hold-down is always a concern. The release forces for the ratchet and pawl hold-down can be up to 100 lb. when it is compensating for upward deck float;

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Finger tip release pull chain activation with smooth reliable operation via a cam and roller counterbalance to assure smooth dependable walk down to trailer bed with below dock capability included. The hold down design floats with air ride trailers and the full width …

hold-down: A Safer, stronger dock leveler

DON'T JUST OBSERVE IT, LIVE THE EXPERIENCE. ... Hold-down rack assembly Frictionrake b band holds thevelern le i position untileleased r by chain ... When the hold-down is released, the dock leveler raises and the lip is extended gently, without the violent action of …

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Dock levelers are ideal for limited dock space or when the working range of a full-size, pit-style edge of dock leveler is not necessary. Each leveler is available with hydraulic or mechanical activation (lift). Durability. Made in the USA, our edge of dock leveler's design is engineered using a three-dimensional engineering software package.

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The patented "Easy-Float" hold down mechanism in these dock levelers represents a major advancement in the most important component of a mechanical dock leveler. The hold down mechanism holds the leveler in position during load/unload operations and allows the leveler to "float" with the truck bed as it rises and falls. In certain situations ...

The Complete List of Signs That You Need a Loading Dock ...

Jun 25, 2018· If friction has worn down the diamond plating you may want to replace the deck on the leveler. 11. The Dock is Raising Slowly. Speed is essential to guarantee deliveries happen efficiently. A slow dock leveler can mean lost time and lost money. A hydraulic leveler and mechanical dock leveler experience changes in speed for different reasons.