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4 signs your lift station may need professional attention

Mar 17, 2016· 1. High Level Alarm. The most obvious sign that there is a problem with your lift station is the high level alarm sounding. High water level alarms produce an audible and visual (flashing light) signal that the water level in the sump is rising.

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What could cause an alarm on a pumping station? There are a variety of issues that could go wrong including bad floats, electrical surges, extended power outages, clogged impellers, faulty starting components, and more. What should you do next? Primarily, we recommend limiting the use of wastewater as much as possible.

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SCADA for Lift Station Alarms & Monitoring . High Tide Technologies is tailor-made for the wastewater industry, and many of our customers have chosen us to monitor their lift stations.In addition to simple auto-dialer functionality, we also offer our customers pump statistics, rain gauge data, flow meter reporting, pump amp readings, preventative maintenance alerts, and a convenient ...

Septic Tank Alarm

When you hear this alarm go off, you should call for a septic pumper as soon as possible to avoid the wastewater backing up into your basement or house. Causes Of Alarms. There are various things that can cause the alarm to go off. Be aware of the causes and you can perhaps save yourself a lot of work.

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No one likes to hear that pesky lift station alarm going off! Luckily Rechel Septic Systems is just a call away. We stock many different sizes of lift station pumps, and in many cases can get your lift station up and running again the same day. We can also install / repair lift station electrical outlets and alarms.

My alarm is going off! What does that mean?

2. It can be a bad "on/off" float switch. This is what tells the pump to come on. If it fails to turn the pump on, the sewage level will set off the high level alarm. The electrical connections may be corroded and need to be replaced. 3. It can be a bad pump or an object caught in the impeller of the pump. 4.

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The alarm sounds to alert you to a problem in the lift station tank. There are several reasons why your alarm might be going off: There is no power to the lift station tank: The float switch for the pump is not functioning or the pump is not working If the system is time-dosed, there may be excess water use prior to the timer engaging the pump ...

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Apr 29, 2016· Lift Station Alarms The Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water & Sewer Commission has been receiving complaints about lift station horns going off at night in the Demere Rd and Frederica Academy area. The BGJWSC has checked its lift stations in this area and BGJWSC lift stations are functioning properly.

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Alarms and Controls. Whether you need a high-water alarm, float switches to set the range of operation, or a full control panel to run the system, we have the solution you are looking for!

Lift Station Maintenance for the Complete Idiot

Rule No. 1 - Check the lift station on a daily basis. This is no big deal, takes about two minutes, and is the best insurance policy you can buy. Get in the habit of checking the lift station first thing every morning and the last thing at night. Even if you just stopped by to say hi to your lift station you would be doing yourself a favor.

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May 18, 2018· Lift Station Maintenance: Float Switches. In the case of float switches, four are typically used. The lowest is called the off float, the next highest is the lead float, then the lag float, and finally the high water/alarm float. The purpose for having these is that in normal operation the pumps switch back and forth after each pumping cycle.

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Wastewater remote monitoring and pump station alarm solutions. Our cellular lift and pump station monitoring, alarm and data-logging systems are used by over 1,300 wastewater, water, and landfill facilities. Remote lift and pump station monitoring using cellular telemetry.


Most lift stations have some type of alarm system to notify the operator of a problem in the station. ... When the float rolls up (goes from hanging straight down to floating), it will turn on the pump, closing the circuit, this would ... office to file under the lift station file. Turn the Hand/Off/Auto (HOA) switch to

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If you hear an alarm going off or see the red light on at a lift station call the Department of Utilities immediately. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Main : The large pipe laid in or along a street is called a sewer main.

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Turn off the alarm switch for the float if the alarm is ringing. This indicates there is an overflow in the system, or that the float is malfunctioning. Step 2 Stop running anything plumbing-related in your house that puts water into the septic system, including the washing machine and dishwasher.

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No the generator is for the lift station only, but because the homeowner and the City lift station are both on the same FPL grid line, it may help your power getting restored a little faster. Who do I call if the lift station alarm is going off? Check the placard on the lift station and call the number, if …

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Flashing light: Flashing light on your lift station might mean that there is a system malfunction. Calling Septic Dominators (click to call) as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis and repair. Alarm: Lift station alarm can be annoying, but very helpful. An alarm will inform you about the equipment failure or malfunction.

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Sep 23, 2006· The lift station is part of your sewer system. It lifts (pumps) your waste water (poop/pee) to the sewer. They are used when you are at the far edge of a sewer system and your homes main drain pipe is actually deeper underground that the sewer pipe. The alarm will go off when the waste water in the tank is getting too high.

My lift station alarm is going off. How do I turn it off ...

Nov 19, 2009· My lift station alarm is going off. How do I turn it off? I heard a buzzing. and went and looked down in my basement and see a box with an orange light. It's buzzing. We have a new 1000 gallon septic connected to an old one. we just bought this house and the inspector didnt say anything was wrong with the septic. What's going on and how do I ...

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Lift stations are widely used in wastewater conveyance systems. Dry-well lift stations have been used in the industry for many years. However, the current industry-wide trend is to replace dry-well lift stations of small and medium size (typically less than 24,000 liters per minute or 6,350 gallons per minute) with submersible lift stations

What do I do when my septic alarm goes off?

The pump, floats, alarm, timer, etc. may have something wrong that is not allowing them to work properly. The best thing to do when the alarm is going off, is to push the red button or switch on the alarm box. This will turn off the alarm. There will be a red light and a green light located on the alarm box. The green light should always be on.

Why Is My Septic Alarm Going Off?

The cause of an alarm on aerobic systems is either the failure of the aeration device or high water level inside the tank. If your alarm or control panel does not indicate which alarm is active, below are some steps to help identify the problem. Check to see if the aeration device is running.

My septic tank buzzer/alarm is going off. What should I do ...

May 23, 2015· Standard septic tanks don't have alarms. You either have a lift station or advanced treatment. The alarm generally indicates the transfer pumps have failed. You'll likely need service beyond "pumping out the tank". Let your professionals handle it.

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There are alarms that alert the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District Staff and neighboring properties if there is an issue such as high water levels, pump failure, power loss with the lift station and many more. The local alarms consist of a blinking light and a loud horn. Anyone who sees or hears these alarms going off are asked to call the ...